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Some more cards to show you - I am now busy preparing for my presentation at Probus on Wednesday, so there were a few more cards to make just to get ready! lol - I have over 200 already!  But there's always a need for one more, right?
My first card is one with a patchwork effect - no material, just lots of squares, made with strips which you stick to cardstock, then slice across, to create this effect.  I saw it on Splitcoastampers but can't recall the name of the tutor.  It is simple but effective, don't you think?  The lace embellishment is made with a die from Cheery Lyn - Francesca border.  It is beautiful, and I think is appropriate with the other 'material' elements.

The next card I am pretty fond of - it reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry starry night - not that I'm comparing myself with him, of course, but I love the atmosphere of it.  I was given some paper that had a few buildings on it, with a large space between, and I began to cut out the building…
It's been a while and I think I have to learn how to post all over again - I had written quite a bit, and then lost it all while I chose pictures to post!  I'll save as I go now, and probably write something quite different to what I originally planned.
As I was saying, it's been nearly 3 months since my last post - I've been busy as usual, but amongst the regular busyness, we have had a few family birthdays to celebrate.  Firstly, it was Jarrod, turning 18 - a big one!, so his card needed quite a bit of thought.  I spoke about this in my last post, and promised to post a picture of it after he had received it.  The gears are a reference to his 'refurb' of his beloved 1967 Mustang, there are references to his becoming an adult, and also to his birth.  I created the background using various stamps and media, but hoped it reflected a modern young culture.  So here it is:  what do you think?

The next birthday was Brodie's - Jarrod's brother, who turned 15 …