One year old birthday card

I had been asked by a friend to make two birthday cards, with both being for little girls - what fun I will have!  I have completed the first card for Eveie - yes, that is the way the parents spell her name, so we can't argue with that!  Is a baby's card for the child or the parents, I wonder?  Probably both, but I did want to try to make something of interest for a little one, so this was my thought process in achieving that.  Knowing how much one of our grand-daughters in particular loves dogs (would love to have a dog, really) I thought a puppy might make an interesting focus for a one-year old.  The card would need texture, which I added in the glitter balloons and the number one, and pattern, and perhaps something 'funny' (the balloons tied to the puppy's tail) so with all that in this card, plus a speech bubble including her name, here is my card for Eveie.  I hope she likes it.


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