A clean up in my craft space

Just thought I'd share with you the results of the latest 'tidy-up' in my craft space.  I found I was trying to create on the space of my craft mat - everything else had been encroaching on my desk top, so it was definitely time to tidy!  I bought a set of small drawers from Officeworks, and I went from there.  I like to have a place for everything, and most of my supplies can easily be found in their rightful place, but the bits and pieces used for making (or considered for making) often stay around on my desk and clutter both the desk and my head!  Of course this is only one wall!  on the opposite wall is our desktop computer, which is nominally my husband's area - and I also use the cupboards in this room for my put-away stuff.  I carry out my die cutting in another room, so my dies and embossing folders are kept in there.  You can see that I have now reclaimed more of my desk than just the working mat and I am much happier!


  1. Your craft space looks fantastic, Ann, so organised and open and tidy ... and big! Perfect for creating! Good luck with the card sales ... at the market and from the commissions ... how exciting! Anita :)


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