Cosy Rugs

 Not a card today, but sharing pics of the two rugs I've been making during Stage 4 lockdown, in Melbourne.  I honestly don't know what I would have done with the hours of potential boredom if I didn't have my crafts to keep me busy and interested.

I normally make rugs in a square granny style, but thought I'd try a rectangle - so learned how to start this via youtube - I should have made it longer to start with but that's the learning lesson isn't it?  The wool I purchased just before lockdown, as I knew I needed something more than card making to keep me sane - I bought 5 each of the blue and pink shaded balls - giant balls of 200g each.

and of course I couldn't resist making a little card to go with each one!


  1. Ann these are absolutely gorgeous. Your granddaughers will love them and the matching cards!
    Thanks for visiting my blog too - I tried to find the youtube video I watched regarding wet blocking if I find it I will forward the link. Essentially you soak the garmet for about 20minutes, lightly squeeze out water, don't wring, roll in a towel(s) to remove more water and lay out your garmet to desired finished size. I hadn't wet blocked before and I'm so glad I did with the yarn I used it certainly needed it and made a huge difference to my finished jumper. I have been knitting for years and this is the first time I have wet blocked. I must admit until the last few years I always used arcylic yarn now I have more invested in my garmets!

  2. These are both so beautiful, your colours choices are beautiful Ann! Hope you are staying safe and well, sending big crafty hugs (virtual of course) your way x

  3. They are gorgeous and well loved and appreciated by your grand daughters x


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