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Like so many around the world, we in Victoria have been experiencing long periods of lockdown, as our governments try to capture Covid-19 and keep us safe.  The restrictions have been harsh and long (over 200 days in total for us here so far and continuing) so it has been a saviour for me to rediscover an old skill, and learn some new ones. while I was unable to travel or see relatives or friends.  One of those past hobbies was crochet - very simple baby blankets or lap rugs.  I'm still doing fairly simple rugs, but have learned a few new patterns from youtube, so that they are more interesting to do.  Below are some of these rugs.

These traditional blankets were made for my youngest grandchildren, who live in Queensland but love to be wrapped up and cosy - Lucy (pink) and Georgia (blue) .  Update:  I had forgotten that I posted these when finished - but hey - they are still part of this story.

I loved using the 'cake' balls of yarn as there was very little joining to finish off, but the blankets became quite heavy towards the end, so I returned to granny squares, and made the two blankets below.  With Lachie's I learned how to make a square from a circle centre!!

This is for our little friend Lachie - fits his bed.

 This is for Chloe - his sister

Then with spare yarn and some extra white balls added as needed, I made baby blankets: here I learned an even more fancy centre, then made into a square.  Although I used various colours for the squares, the overall scheme is muted and coordinated.  I haven't blocked these yet.  Oh and I learned a smart way to join the squares with crochet.

I have two more baby blankets needing to be finished, but not sure what to do next.  I don't have hopes of this restricted life ending any time soon, so will need other projects to immerse myself in.  I will  return to cardmaking soon too, with Christmas on the horizon:)



  1. Ann I love your crochet! Love all the lovely colours. Learning to crochet is on my list of things to do (may have mentioned I can only do a chain and basic treble!). How lucky are all the little people you have created these for.

    I wrote a response on my blog - not sure if you see them. Anyway it makes me happy that I have inspired you to share. I will keep a look out for your next post.

    Agree I can't see us getting out of lockdown anytime soon - this mornings paper mentions September! I am keeping busy working and crafting along with family stuff. Stay well and busy! until we can begin to live life normally.


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