My first post.  What do I want to say?  I guess, Welcome! if you are a visitor to this site, and then an explanation of why I have created this blog.  Not because I want to talk about myself, because that is something I find quite difficult, but probably because I have just commenced card-making and have been helped enormously by the blogs of others.  I intend my blog to be about cards - I just love card-making because they are SMALL!  Therefore, everything you want to say or convey, must be economical, succinct - the message must be there on the card - 4"x6" or 5"x7" - not a lot of room really, to say:  I love you, or you mean so much to me, or how sad - I'm so sorry, best wishes, enjoy your life, have a happy marriage, congratulations on the arrival of your much-wanted child, don't despair, things will improve.  There can be cards for every eventuality in life, and how much better it is to make a card for a specific recipient.  So that is what initially encaptured me about cards - but of course, that was only the beginning. Then it became design, technique, and all the paraphanalia needed to 'do a good job'.  I am a beginner, but have already created a small empire in my home, with all my stuff!  So that is what you can expect to find here - my journey (a much over-used term).  But like life itself, a new project, a new learning experience, a new love a new hobby, is a journey of sorts.


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