Craft room for Live Love Cards

I feel brave enough to post a picture of my craft room as it is now - far from perfect, but a perfectly happy space for me to be.  I will be uploading these pics to Darlene's new blog:  Live Love Cards as that is what I do most of the time - live, love cards!  And my darling husband and family too of course!  I share my craft space with my husband, who has the other half of the room, with a desk and computer and household files - his side is red and white, so I made mine predominantly pink and white!  I am loathe to get rid of the comfy couch in pic #1, as we both sit there to discuss important things.

As I said, this is far from perfect, and truthfully, this is not all of it, as I have seeped into the spare bedroom to store my dies and Big Shot - I hope one day to store everything in one room.  I do enjoy seeing everyone's craft space, and that is the only reason I am sharing mine.


  1. Looks so wonderfully organized Ann!

  2. Wow! You're much more organized than I think I have ever been! It looks wonderful and I love that you're able to dual purpose your space!

  3. I really like how bright it looks and I love that you use quite a few clear storage containers. I bet that really helps you stay organized too!

  4. Looks great Ann. Thanks for sharing. Happy to see I'm not the only one who stores under the desk area and in another room. One day I might have the courage to share - but my space is never as neat as yours. I did want to ask where did you get the shelving units you have your wooden stamps in. They look like they aren't very deep which is perfect for not losing things behind. I find if I can't see it I forget to use it hence why my room looks messy most of the time :) Thanks once again.

    1. Thanks Vicki - the display shelves for the wooden stamps I found in Bunnings - they are raw MDF, painted white by hubby - two of them, joined top to bottom - they have a shaped top on them. Each storage space is 10cm x 13cm. I don't know if they are still available, but I am very happy with them. :) Ann

  5. Hello Ann: I'm Maria and I'm also participating in Darlene's craft room contest. I just love that wall unit, the one above the couch, it looks so beautiful. You have everything close at hand and displayed, just like I like it. In my own craft room, I need to see what I have otherwise I will forget.
    I hope you had a chance to see my craft room, I'm number 36.
    I'm so happy Darlene hosted this contest, I love the prices but I also love to see other people's crafting spaces.
    Thank you for sharing yours.


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