Dream Catcher

Something different today - my first crochet project for many years.  I decided to make a dream catcher, after seeing them hanging in a shop recently.  This one is for Lucy, as she likes the colour aqua - thanks to my daughter-in-law for the site for the pattern.  The pattern was actually to fill a hoola hoop, using a very large hook, but that wasn't quite the look I was aiming for.  I used blended cotton yarn from Lincraft, and a smallish hook.  I covered an embroidery hoop with strips of fabric, and used various lace, beads, braid and ribbon to hang from it.  I photographed this at night and with pale walls I had to find something dark to place it in front of - they just happened to be circles too!



  1. Fabulous Ann. Gorgeous and I bet Lucy loves it. I wish I could crochet more than a chain and a treble! One day I will persist and learn more.


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