Envelope posy

I have another variation on the envelope exploding with flowers card - is that even a thing?  Anyway, here is my card -

I have attempted Sam's (from Mixed up craft) envelope added to a card (picture to follow) but when I saw on Pinterest a card that simply used an envelope ON a card, well, I thought why not give this a try?  I did, and this is my result - a 5 x 7" card.

My original envelope card is here:

This card is an envelope BOX card and would require a box to post it or you have to deliver it by hand.  Of course it packs more of a punch, because it took 3 times as long to make!  But I think for the more everyday lovely card, the top one is worth trying!


  1. Ann you have done a wonderful job. Love the bright colours in the second one and can see that it is a lot of work! The first would still take some time I'm sure and is equally as lovely. Love the idea of a card on an envelope - might make me use my envelope punch board that is collecting dust!


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